Ever Wonder about Holiday Tipping?


Do you ever wonder who you should tip and how much?  Well hopefully you do so I don’t feel so alone.   After doing some research on the subject, here are some things to consider:  
Decide who to tip:   The general rule is to tip anyone who makes a regular appearance at your home, like babysitters or nannies, housecleaners, your newspaper deliver person or garbage collector.  Or anyone who deserves something extra this season:  Hairstylists, manicurists, anyone else that keeps you looking good.    Note:  Mail Carriers –   United States Postal Service employees are not allowed to accept tips.   I honestly never knew this…I always tip my mailman.  He deserves it.
So bottom line, consider:
1.      The quality and frequency of the service
2.      Your relationship with the service provider and how long you have worked together
Decide what your budget is:  The economy has hit many hard but according to a Poll*, people say they will give exactly the same amount they did last year.  Here are some general guidelines:  These are just merely guidelines.  Ask family members and friends for advice as well. 
Housecleaner – $65.00 (wish I had one)
Mail Carrier – $20.00
Hairdresser/Barber – $20.00
Garbage Collector – $20.00
Newspaper Carrier – $20.00
Gardener/Yard Worker – $50.00 (My husband wishes he had one)
Teacher – a gift from your child
You shouldn’t feel obligated to go beyond your personal budget and if your budget does not allow for tips, consider homemade gifts or goodies or a handwritten note expressing thanks for a year of good service.
Keep in mind, Holiday Tipping can be regional as well:  For example in New York, a child’s school bus driver expects a tip.   
*Money Magazine Poll

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