How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

You wouldn’t want to be one of the quarter million families that deal with frozen water pipes that burst each winter.  A single three millimeter crack in a pipe can dump up to 250 gallons of water in your home in a single day causing thousands of dollars of damage.

Bundle up your pipes – Take time to insulate exposed pipes in your crawl spaces, garage and attic.  These pipes are more vulnerable to freezing.

Seal the crack – Look for air leaks near your pipes.  Even a tiny crack can cause pipes to be exposed to cold air and could lead to a frozen pipe.

Put your garden house away – Disconnect the garden house and shut off the indoor valve before winter.

Bump up the thermostat –  If you let the indoor temperature drop below 65 degrees, your exterior wall pipes are a high risk of freezing.

Protect your home when you are gone  – If you are selling your home and have already moved or are going out of town, be sure to check on the home often.  If you will be gone for an extended time you may want to consider getting your home winterized.

Taking the proper measures up front can prevent and protect your home from a potential very costly situation(Source AAA magazine)

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